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After a 2010 New Years Resolution to try pottery, it became clear very quickly that I had found a new life-long creative outlet.  My notebooks have always been full of scribbles and sketches, many of which are now being incorporated into my pieces.  In 2020, 11 years into my practice, we took the plunge and established our own pottery studio and have been loving all the new possibilities .. even the challenges of glaze and all the science behind it.  I hope you enjoy my work and connect with a piece or two along the way. 



I have been a hobby potter since 2020.  As a retired engineer, I enjoy the technical side of pottery but the creative part of my brain has been getting a workout.  We have a Coneart electric kiln with a digital controller that we call Dax and we have a Shimpo Whisper electric wheel that we call Yodo.  We have 2 cats who like to help.  We bisque fire Dax to Cone 05 and glaze fire to Cone 6.  My pottery?  I do enjoy making pots but I am looking forward to the day when the process comes naturally.  


All of our pieces are hand crafted by Lisa or Brad and are either wheel thrown or hand-built. We do not use molds  or slip-cast techniques. Our pieces are freezer and oven safe but because ceramic pottery has low tolerance for temperature gradients, they should not be heated or cooled rapidly - and should never be heated on the stovetop.  Additionally, our pieces are food, dishwasher, and microwave safe UNLESS stated otherwise.


We currently ship within Canada and the USA - the appropriate shipping charges will be added at checkout. Please inquire about international shipping.  Local (Calgary) pickup or delivery can be arranged.

Thank you for supporting small business!

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